Weblinks are member shared online links to resources to support the teaching of mathematics and relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

Compass Assessment by ACER


COMPASS is a unique new literacy and numeracy assessment resource developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world leader in educational research and assessment development.

ATSIMA National

ATSIMA is a newly formed, Indigenous led non-profit member-based group representing organisations, communities, institutes and individuals around Australia. We aim to inspire, promote and support improved mathematics outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.



The MATSITI Project aims to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers to foster student engagement and improving educational outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Dare to Lead


Dare to Lead began as a Commonwealth funded national project with a focus on improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students.

What Works


What Works The Work Program helps schools plan and take action on improving outcomes for Indigenous students.

ACER Indigenous education research


The following links are key documents focusing on numeracy, mathematics and Indigenous education.

Engagement with mathematics in the early years


Elizabeth Warren and Eva Devries report on activities that have been successfully used with young Indigenous students.