Community Leaders

Community Leaders

Community Leadership 

Community Leadership and active input from members are essentials to an effective online community. This community comprises educators who wish to advance the life success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners through professional conversations, providing resources helpful in building the knowledge, understanding and practice of mathematics teaching.

Community Leaders lead the community program. The hub of the Make it count with Indigenous learners' community is the Forum. Community Leaders initiate topics for discussion, provide resources for review or illustrate examples of best practice.  Diversity of member expertise, experience, perspectives and engagement make the community a valuable and enjoyable resource.

Interested in being a Community Leader and would like further information about what you can offer? Contact the team at Connect with Maths Your community needs you :-)

Community Leaders

The founding members and Community Leaders are specialists in primary and secondary mathematics including those from schools, universities, Departments of Education, not-for–profitand research organisations. Consider joining the team.

  • Dr Chris Matthews, Griffith University, QLD
  • Caty Morris, Aboriginal &Torres Strait Islander education, ACARA, SA
  • Dr Ian Lowe, Mathematical Association of Victoria, VIC
  • Robyn Anderson, YuMi Deadly Centre, QLD
  • Professor Peter Sullivan, Monash University, VIC
  • Corrie Baxter, Purnululu Aboriginal School, WA
  • Matt Skoss, Middle Centralian School, NT
  • Steve Thornton, Education Researcher, SA

Connect with Maths Affiliate Representatives

The following are Connect with Maths AAMT Affiliate Representatives. Affiliate Representatives are active members of the Connect with Maths community recruiting members, driving activity in the community Forum, promoting online professional learning activities, contributing to resources to improve professional knowledge, practice and engagement in mathematics.

  • Jurek Paradowski [CMA]
  • Jan Harte [MANSW]
  • Glen Pritchard [MANSW]
  • Vanessa Gorman [MASA]
  • Selina Blyton [MTANT]
  • Matt Skoss [MTANT]
  • Louise Hodgson [MAT]
  • Trish Jelbart [MAV]
  • Lesley Stoffels [MAWA]
  • Dianne Rundus [MAWA]
  • Trish Jelbart [MAV]
  • Peter Cooper [QAMT]

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