Community objectives

Community objectives

Supporting teachers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners

This community website seeks to offer a online forum for educators working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in mathematics education. Educators involved in community activities engage in activities that address the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching of Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement. Educators may request 'Certificates of Participation' acknowledging hours towards building their professional capacities.

Connect with Maths members are passionate educators. Many are experts in the field who volunteer to present professional learning sessions, engage in forum discussion and respond to member needs. The Connect with Maths' communities provide real and valuable networking links in support of mathematical and life success for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

Intercultural Understanding

The Connect with Maths communities are founded on Australian Curriculum framework. Some aspects of the Make it count with Indigenous Learners' community work relate to the General Capabilities: Intercultural Understanding and the Australian Curriculum. This document supports students who come from different cultural backgrounds and learning experiences, providing a guide for teachers to consider teaching and learning strategies that will bring out the best in student learning.