Mnadalany Fish -lrge

The Kit – Mandalany (Man-da-lanj) caters for  Prep - Year 1 developed with Mathematical activities which focus on Indigenous Language,“Jiddabul” the language of the Herberton area.  

The garburrun garburru – 6 maui identify the 6 elements within the Kit.

1. Indigenous Language

2. Mathematical Language 

3. Activity Process 

4. Resources 

5. Yarn About

6. Assessment  

The graphics in the kit were  designed by the Indigenous Artist - Munganbana. The graphics  are not to be produced in any way unless prior permission is given by the Diocese of Cairns.

Click here for the Mandalany resource

Mandalany Kit Contents

  • Cross curriculum priorities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Australian Curriculum Prep-Year 1 Content Strands
  • Prep: MAUI - Let's go fishing Junggal - 1
  • Year 1: MAUI - Let's go fishing Junggal - 1
  • Prep: MAUI - How many? Bulayi 2
  • Year 1: MAUI - How many? Bulayi 2
  • Prep: More/Less Bulan 3

Mandalany Showcase

St. Clare's School, Tully, Queensland

St Clare's Numeracy Program

Mandalany Presentation AAMT Conference 2015

[contributed by Lillian Millar CEO Cairns]