Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Hello I would like to welcome you to a very important program for the Connect with Maths Program for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander learners.

I am Dr Chris Matthews and this is my daughter Rose. We have all just moved with my three other children to Darwin in the Northern Territory. If anyone is in Darwin and would like to connect with me that would be fantastic.   email

Now the important word here is "connection". That is what the Connect with Maths community does, connects all different people to different ideas around the teaching of mathematics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students.

I am the patron for the Make it Count project http:mic.aamt.edu.au/ and have recently taken on the Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA)


The Maths alliance has the vision that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will be successful in Maths. We believe in connecting, connecting people across the whole of Australian society, from Industry to government, teachers and community people. Connection is very important.

 I believe this year will be a very exciting program with many speakers. Welcome everybody and hopefully you will have a fulfilling time with the (community) website and the information will come through. I will see you all again when I do a talk later in the year. All the best to you for this year.


If you wish to contact me about Connect with Maths or ATSIMA, please CMatthews@griffith.edu.au