Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogies

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogies


Presenter: Professor Peter Sullivan
Jun 11, 2013, 3:30pm-4:30pm EST
Join in our first webinar with Peter Sullivan, a passionate educator dedicated to advancing quality teaching of mathematics.

The curriculum for Australian students is intended to be inclusive of all students whatever their cultural background. This does not mean that all students should be taught the same way. An important challenge for teachers is to explore pedagogies with which all students are comfortable, and especially those which acknowledge preferred learning and communication styles and cultural expectations of students. The webinar will outline some of these pedagogies especially:

- Communicating high expectations through the use of age appropriate experiences that are appropriately challenging and which build connections between mathematical ideas;

- Recognising the relationship between language and learning, and the load that instruction using unfamiliar ideas and language places on students.”

This webinar will use some particular sample mathematics lessons structures that illustrate these pedagogies.


Culturally responsive Mathematics Pedagogies

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Culturally Responsive Mathematics Webinar Audio

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Culturally Responsive Mathematics Presentation

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Presentation by Professor Peter Sullivan