Five Ways Forward

Five Ways Forward webinar

Five ways forward to improving learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in mathematics: a collaboration between Community, education and business.
Presenters: Dr Chris Matthews and Caty Morris

In November 2014, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA) held its first conference. Stakeholders from Community, education and business attended, presented and extracted from the conference these 5 themes:  Culture, identity and confidence, Leadership, Transition, Investment, Quality teaching and learning.

Dr Chris Matthews, chairperson of ATSIMA, advised that underpinning any ways forward was the network or ‘eco-system’ of relationships between people, organisations and communities that would be vital to making a difference. This webinar will introduce participants to the 5 themes and respective recommendations for improving mathematics education – and hence life opportunities - for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.